Interested in becoming a Featuree?

Are you interested in becoming a Featuree? Well - Here's the run down.

How do i become a Featuree?

All you need to do is contact us, we have a fairly simple process. Once we've contacted you we will collect some basic information like your name or business - What makes you, your grow, or your strain unique and make sure you understand the Agreements, Rules and of course, Benefits

Once were away with the boring stuff, we will ask you to send the pictures you choose as well as a Logo - This logo will be used on the card as a "Watermark" of sorts, showing that this picture, on this card, is from this person or organization. 

We will always show you a mock up of your card, and await approval before using it in print. We would never showcase anyone's feature in a way they felt was unworthy. We want all our featuree's to feel special, because they are. Your grows keep this community growing. 


In order to be Featured on a card. You must agree to certain Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions are regarding your relationship with us and your understanding of what you are agreeing to when you request/agree to be a featuree.

Please click the button below and read the terms and conditions set out. By applying, we assume you understand and agree to these terms and conditions.


On top of the Agreements you will also be required to follow certain... "Rules" per say. Although we cannot force anyone to do anything, if a complaint has been made, or a request is made pertaining to any featurees. We reserve the right to pull that featurees status.

Please Click the button below and learn more before applying. When you apply, we assume you already read this and agreed and failing to read this will not exclude you due to ignorance. 


Of course things aren't ALL doom and gloom. We offer a myriad of fun and valuable benefits when becoming a featuree. From being immersed in a whole new community, to Free swag, Access to discounts of future purchases, and an increased rate to Featured affiliates.

Read below to learn more

What to I get from being a Featuree?

  1. Exclusive Title of Featured Grower

  2. Regular Promotion while being Featured

  3. A Free Deck of your own

  4. Discounts on Purchases

  5. Higher Affiliate Rate

  6. Opportunity for Additional Features 

  7. First look at new products

This is not a complete list of the benefits involved and we will be looking for ways to make this list bigger and better. 

If chosen to be featured on our Premium CannaDeck, You could receive a royalty per each deck sold!

Read the above information and then contact us for next steps!

Thanks for submitting!