Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is a discloses that some or all of your information is  collected, used, disclosed, and managed by data. It fulfills a legal requirement to protect a visitor or client's privacy. Countries have their own laws with different requirements per jurisdiction regarding the use of privacy policies. But in general, we do not keep your information beyond whether or not you visited. You may refuse giving this information by saying no when promted for cookies. 

  1. We collect information like, how many people use our website, what pages they view and what items they look at or buy. We do not and will not share any of your personal information to anyone other than what is permitted by law, and even then, we will fight to keep your information secure. 

  2. Information is automaticly collected when you accept our cookies and browse our website, social medias or contact us in anyway. 

  3. Personal information is collected exclusively for tracking website popularity and for shipping.

  4. Information is stored temporarily and then removed. We do not give oyur information out to anyone but may use it ourselves to help create a more functional website, delete unuse sections or just help serve you better overall.

  5. If we communicate with you, it will be VIA Email, Instagram or on our website directly. 

  6. We reserve the right to update this policy at any moment, you may or may not always be told of these changes. Privacy policy updates

  7. Contact us as if you have any other questions or concerns about your privacy here with us.